The BenchMark Illusion by JC SUM 
$1800 + Ship

Unconventional Appearances

Effect: A thin platform sits atop a 2” base elevated off the ground. Lights behind the prop allow the audience to see clearly underneath the base. The illusionist steps up onto the platform and picks up an all-round curtain that is draped around the platform. The curtain is raised, fully extended and immediately lowered to reveal the instant appearance of a beautiful girl! (or guy) The curtain is completely whisked away to end absolutely clean!

This prop breaks down for easy transport /storage and you can choose any cloth color as well. Setup time of prop is about 5 -7 minutes.

This is a stunning surprise appearance of a person that does not use traditional methods. It is completely self-contained, can be performed surrounded and packs flat for transport.

MagicSax Productions is the only licensed builder for “Benchmark” and it is built to J C’s specifications.

“Benchmark” is made from wood, aluminum, aluminum legs, aluminum trimming, and high quality total lock casters.

Show Performance by Thomas Clark

This is actual footage during a performance by Yours Truly.  The reactions to the appearance were genuine.

Montage of others including JC Sum

These are actual footage performances of this effect.