The Blade Pyramid by JC SUM - $1900 + ship**

A pyramid-shaped prop that is elevated off the floor is displayed on stage.
A lady’s silhouette is seen on the front of the prop. The side door on the prop is opened and a girl enters the prop. Four solid metal blades (that can be examined) are slot vertically into the front of the prop at even intervals. Next, three swords or spears are inserted into three corners of the front of the pyramid prop. The prop is revolved around so the audience can see the blades & swords extend fully through the prop. The blades & swords are removed, the door opened and the girl emerges unharmed!

The Blade Pyramid consist of real metal blades, aluminum legs, aluminum trimming, and high quality casters. The prop also comes with a Blade/Spear holder while working on stage with just you and your assistant. The holder even resembles the actual prop itself, and sets up in 3 seconds!

Any base color for the pyramid itself can be chosen (it doesn't have to be black). The silhouette of the girl on the front doesn't necessarily have to be a silhouette. It can be personalized with your name initials, your name, a hazard symbol, etc...Use your imagination, and be creative!**

This is a very deceptive illusion that is fun, and can be carried easily to any function! Packs flat for easy transport!

This is also a great illusion for the 'first timer' or the seasoned performer. Many different themes to approach with using this illusion. Can be a fun, or serious performance. You choose your style and go with it!

**basic colors and girl silhouette are the base illusion in the base price. For extreme or other wild, authentic looks, price will be according to the customization that needs to be done (i.e. Digital printing, etc...)

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for completion of build. This illusion is built per order. Approximate Shipping weight of prop is 265lbs.

$1900.00USD + Shipping (Shipping will be calculated to your location - Please inquire before placing order)

OR Payment Option button $950.00USD - (50% down, 50% completion + shipping)