The Crystal Metamorphosis by JC Sum
$2250 + Ship

MagicSax Productions, LLC is an authorized builder for this outstanding illusion - The Crystal Metamorphosis!

MagicSax Productions, LLC has made this illusion to pack flat for travel and storage. The casket is also available in ANY COLOR you can imagine! PolyCarbonate (Lexan, Makrolon, etc) is used for the see-through walls, heavy duty special order casters, aluminum trimmed, thick chains, and compared to most subtrunks - not heavy! Setup is a matter of minutes. Very sturdy, and built for the troupe!

Comes with surround cloth - color of your choice, and packs flat for storage and travel.

Illusion is shipped in a sturdy wood crate.  If you are wanting an ATA case built for the illusion, I can quote you on a case. MagicSax Productions, LLC doesn not make ATA cases, but rather that it outsourced to an ATA case company located here in town.  Those prices are based upon their standards.

The Effect: A Modern Geometrically shaped, transparent trunk is seen on stage. The illusionist steps into the trunk and the lid of the trunk is hinged closed over him. Two thick chains secure the lid shut. His partner steps on top of the trunk and raises an all around curtain. Instantly, the curtain is dropped revealing an instant exchange of the performers. 

Option 2 - 50% down and 50%  shipping at completion ($1125.00usd)

Here are a few of the looks completed for various clients*

*Depending on the extent of the design, price may vary.

Client Photos

A few performing artist with their Crystal Metamorphasis!