$2200.00 + Ship

By JC Sum

MagicSax Productions, LLC is an authorized builder for this great illusion - Impassable

“Impassable” An incredible illusion where a girl passes through the 3″ hole of a steel plate and into a locked trunk

“Impassable” is J C Sum’s latest innovation of the “3” Hole Trunk”, originally based on inspired by Jim Steinmeyer’s “Through a One-Inch Hole” Illusion. The new design is a big leap forward in the psychological effect of the illusion for the audience.

This is a practical two-person illusion that sees a girl pass through a 3” hole in a diamond plated metal plate; into a solid locked ATA case.

J C has completely redesigned the workings of the illusion to ensure a smooth operation with a prop that will stand the rigours of a professional show. J C’s specification for the material-combination used ensures that the entire illusion is very lightweight but durable.

Here are some things you should know about “Impassable”:

The illusion can be performed surrounded
The prop will withstand on-stage examination
Use the trunk to pack the rest of your show
Lightweight and compact (32kg/ 77lbs)
Measures 31″ x 22″ x 21″ (varies with custom sizing)
Made from high impact ABS plastic, aluminum and stainless steel components

**The illusion does not include the “All-round Curtain” but you can request one to be made for an additional $300.00
Colors available are based on the market supply.

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