The Shop

An undertaking worth the time spent

So, I came to the realization that I had to expand spaces with all the woodworking equipment that I had along with all the large props I was building. Not to mention my own magic props that I stored in the same area.  Space seemed smaller.  My wife also owns a buisness that does some building, so she had moved into the woodshop as well, and part of the house inside.  We needed a space to work all this in - the conclusion was to build a shop in the backyard. From determining the space we needed, and the size we needed, the decision was made to build a 12’ x 20’ with 10’ interior ceiling. Off to work I went - City codes, planning and materials.  I built this by myself until it came time for the sheathing on the roof, and then my wife stepped in and hoisted those sheets to the roof - Oh, yes, she is very strong.  She is ranked amongst the top 100 athletes in the Mid-Atlantic region for Crossfit (top 8% in the world!), so it was nothing for her to lift a 4 x 8 sheet to the roof!

After the shop was completed - she decided we needed a patio to go off the side of the shop, so off I went and built an 8’ x 20’ deck off the side of the shop.  Fun project, and took me 3 months to complete the entire project.  I think the most difficult part of the build was the fact that the roofing had to be done right, and while I am not scared of heights, being up on the roof, the wind blowing, and I am shooting nails into the trusses was quite the experience. Not one that I would really want to do again…..which is also why I decided that a 4/12 pitch was steep enough :-)

Athletic and Gym outfits

And so it begins...

I am getting more and more request for athletic type equiptment builds which is GREAT! I don’t mind swtiching things up, and seeing as I am 100% into athletics, this fits perfectly with what I like to do. Plyo boxes, gun rack, chalk bowls, etc…Fun builds and nice to see them getting usage and helping to further someones health. There will soon be a lineup on the site with different items that can be used in Home Gyms, Boxes, etc…Or, just email me and I can give you the lineup of what I can build for you! 

Project - Gym Renovation!!

Long story short - At  the Crossfit Box that I attend, most everyone knows that I am a woodworker/handyman and crazy man! So, I was asked if I could do some work on the interior of the box to not only make it look nicer, but also give is a new fresh look with an eye appealing change. We had a major even event coming up that was going to include 96 atheles from all over the east coast, and a professional photographer, along with just people taking photos the entire time. So, off I went to get some things together to come up with some ideas.  The wife, as artsy as she is, also gave some input and we worked on this diligently until it was finished!  The result was amazing!  The colors of the box are green and black, so I repaired the back wall from old drywall hole punches, and foot breaks (yeah, we crossfitters get rough on handstand pushups sometimes - or a barbell bounce into the wall, or just plain mad cuz we missed a lift and put our hand through the wall!  Ok, not that bad!!  *lol*), and painted the back wall black.  Then, we came up with a saying to go onto the wall to set it apart from the rest of the walls, so one of the first things you see when you walk in the door is “Stronger Than Yesterday”.  Afterall, why are you in a gym? Not to be the same person, but to be a better person - Stronger Than Yesterday.   After coming up with the font, and coloring with the gym owner and his wife, I got to work on getting that up on to the wall.  
Next, it was time to protect what I just did, so I put up 50 feet of Lexan across the wall to not only protect the beautification of the wall, but also will keep the actual wall protected from all the handstand pushup feet, hands, etc…Its bullet proof material, so the wall will no longer be damaged!
The next step was to get the lifting platforms changed.  The owner wanted something cool, but could still work on - so, we came up with some green platforms, covered in a non-slip material (my secret) and it came out brilliant!  The platforms are great to work on, and look absolutely amaing in the gym.  From the time ou walk in the door, you are blown away with what you are seeing - hard working people in a nice looking atmosphere.  Its the only gym in the area with an interior decor such as this.  During the athelic event that was done, not only was the photographer impressed, but other gym owners came to ask questions about what I could possibly do for them.  
I’m happy, gym owners happy, and off to the next project!! 

The Desk Project 

This one was fun and unique - This desk is 12 feet long and 4 feet wide.  It needed to have a rustic look to it, but be solid at the same time.  Just to be a little more unique with it, the Crossfit box had a broken barbell that was going to be thrown away, and most know that I can’t throw away anything that has to do with Crossfit!  *lol*  So, it became the center piece of this desk.  It came out sweet!  And it GLOWS!!  Thanks to our in-box electrician Brian! :-)