The New Shop

An undertaking worth the time spent

So, I came to the realization that I had to expand spaces with all the woodworking equipment that I had along with all the large props I was building. Not to mention my own magic props that I stored in the same area.  Space seemed smaller.  My wife also owns a buisness that does some building, so she had moved into the woodshop as well, and part of the house inside.  We needed a space to work all this in - the conclusion was to build a shop in the backyard. From determining the space we needed, and the size we needed, the decision was made to build a 12’ x 20’ with 10’ interior ceiling. Off to work I went - City codes, planning and materials.  I built this by myself until it came time for the sheathing on the roof, and then my wife stepped in and hoisted those sheets to the roof - Oh, yes, she is very strong.  She is ranked amongst the top 100 athletes in the Mid-Atlantic region for Crossfit (top 8% in the world!), so it was nothing for her to lift a 4 x 8 sheet to the roof!

After the shop was completed - she decided we needed a patio to go off the side of the shop, so off I went and built an 8’ x 20’ deck off the side of the shop.  Fun project, and took me 3 months to complete the entire project.  I think the most difficult part of the build was the fact that the roofing had to be done right, and while I am not scared of heights, being up on the roof, the wind blowing, and I am shooting nails into the trusses was quite the experience. Not one that I would really want to do again…..which is also why I decided that a 4/12 pitch was steep enough :-)

Athletic and Gym outfits

And so it begins...

I am getting more and more request for athletic type equiptment builds which is GREAT! I don’t mind swtiching things up, and seeing as I am 100% into athletics, this fits perfectly with what I like to do. Plyo boxes, gun rack, chalk bowls, etc…Fun builds and nice to see them getting usage and helping to further someones health. There will soon be a lineup on the site with different items that can be used in Home Gyms, Boxes, etc…Or, just email me and I can give you the lineup of what I can build for you!