The JC Kickboard

Pricing Options:
Plain Wood w/ Top Coat - $170.00
One Basic Color - $210.00
Custom Design - $250.00


What is the JC Kickboard?
Very Simple - this is an apparatus that you place on your rig at home, or a commercial gym setting that allows the function of doing handstand holds, handstand pushups, “wall walks”, etc…without the fear of actually putting a hole in your drywall from your feet!
Trust me, we’ve all done it, or will do it at some point if you work out at home or even at commercial gyms that allow for such movements (Crossfit Gyms and High Impact Facilities).
Believe me, I’ve done many repairs to facilities and homes for this very reason, so when I tell you that the repair to your home/building walls will cost lots more than the price of the board, you are doing yourself a favor and saving yourself the headache! Besides that, its just a cool apparatus to have hanging on your rig or even use for competitions to keep everything centralized!


These Kickboards are not just a board of wood that hangs from your rig. They have certain apsects about them that keep them from moving and bouncing  while you are working.  The ‘hooks’ are custom made, and the attachments to attach to the lower part of the rig are hidden inside the wood to keep a flat surface and to keep the board from bouncing around. No tools needed whatsoever!! On and off-that simple.
Its an original idea of The Carolina Movement Doc - Scott Jablonka, and the ingenuity of MagicSax Productions, LLC - Thomas Clark


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