MagicSax Productions, LLC 
Established in 2004

Thanks for visiting MagicSax Productions, LLC!

MagicSax Productions, LLC has been building magic props for over a decade for magicians/illusionist all over the world!
The product line has been narrowed down to a select illusion lineup to accommodate an extremely busy schedule on my end.  

MagicSax Productions, LLC no longer builds Magic Props that are not listed for sale on this site - (unless contacted first and discussed thoroughly).
 Only the magic/illusion products that you see for purchase are available.
 (The Project page with photos was from previous builds before the limitation)

There will soon be a page for just used or built but never used props that I am putting together.  This page will contain possible props that were built
that never made it out of the shop, or used items that I have acquired over the years.

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I post projects and other shinanigans there quite often that you won’t find anywhere on my site. 😀

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