The Man Behind The Blades 

Let’s keep it simple and to the point shall we?
I work a lot. I’m always busy, I always have some place to go, or some place to be. Why? I am a Father of 3 and Husband to an ER Nurse. I have plenty of things that I have to do on a moments notice. I don’t just build, but I also run a Talent Agency with many actors that you see on your TV screens all the time - whether they be Cop 1, Doctor 4, Screaming Person #2, Choking Pickle Guy, Clucking Chicken Girl, or the name talent such as Fred, Bill, Susan, or Uncle Festernoggin. But wait, that’s not all - I build other things such as furniture, small buildings, home projects for others, refurbishing wood pieces, or welding specialized projects. Oh, and there’s more, but that may take a longer statement. That’s my life in short, so I’m either always on the phone, in a meeting, in the shop working, Parenting, being a Husband, or trying to explain to someone what it means to be a busy person.

I’m also a Crossfit Athlete, so on the other time slots, I am in the box training, or training in our home gym.  And, for the sake of saying it - I’m very close to 50 years of age, so yes, health is very important to me and being so active keeps me looking youthful, however, I am way beyond the years you may think I am :-)