Who am I?

Well, to put a long story VERY short so you can catch it all in one reading - I grew up in Upstate NY, became a nationally ranked Track and Field Athlete in college. Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Became a Sports Hall of Famer for my Alma Mater, and then became self-employed over a decade ago as a full-time professional entertainer.  I was “discovered” and started my career as a print model back in the 90’s, then studied more and became a professional actor.  During that time I was introduced to the magic world, and began to learn and perform….from there, I built my own props for my own show with a single cut, battery operated, hand saw given to me.  Word travelled quickly that I was building props for myself, and suddenly my one battery operated handsaw turned into a full woodworking shop.  I am a self-taught builder that learned many tricks (no pun intended) of the trade by just “doing”.  The term “We learn from our mistakes” is so true. Eventually the business turned larger than expected, and here I am! Building worldwide on a large scale for some of the most prestigious performers in the world.  I have managed to get my products into almost every Country that the U.S. is allowed to trade with. I also own and operate  a Talent Agency which keeps me quite busy with many actors that you see on the big screens, and in your living rooms  on a daily basis -  So, there you have it - oh, and yes, I am a Father of 3, Husband of an ER Nurse, and a very lucky man!
I am also a CrossFit NUT, so if you want to talk Squats, Hang Cleans, Muscle-Ups, or even MURPH - We got lots in common!