Chalk Bowl


Simply put - put your chalk in it.  These are custom made per order right here in my shop. Made of heavy duty steel, and lightweight to carry around.  Perfect for home gym, or commercial gyms.

Why a chalk bowl? - keep the chalk off the floor and have access to it at a level that you don’t have to bend over and grab it. Or even not having to keep a piece on the rig which ultimately leads to chalk all over the floor or crushed pieces falling everywhere. So, why not?

Want it personalized? I can do that! Just let me know what you are wanting and lets see what we can work out!

*Please allow 5-7 day construction. Made per order

ChalkBowlWreckageBrockNyviaChalkBowlBrockNyviaChalkBowlClarkChalkBowl highChalkbowlBasicGravelyBowl2ChalkbowlBasicSlideChalkbowlBasicSlide

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