The Benchmark illusion
$2300.00 + Ship

By JC Sum

Effect: A thin platform sits atop a 2” base elevated off the ground. Lights behind the prop allow the audience to see clearly underneath the base. The illusionist steps up onto the platform and picks up an all-round curtain that is draped around the platform. The curtain is raised, fully extended and immediately lowered to reveal the instant appearance of a beautiful girl! (or guy) The curtain is completely whisked away to end absolutely clean!

This prop breaks down for easy transport /storage and you can choose any cloth color as well. Setup time of prop is about 5 -7 minutes.

This is a stunning surprise appearance of a person that does not use traditional methods. It is completely self-contained, can be performed surrounded and packs flat for transport.

MagicSax Productions is the only licensed builder for “Benchmark” and it is built to JC’s specifications.

“Benchmark” is made from wood, aluminum, aluminum legs, aluminum trimming, and high quality total lock casters.

MagicSax Productions, LLC is a licensed business in the State of North Carolina
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