Bumper Plate Vertical Stacker

By MagicSax Productions, LLC

So, you have a home gym, commercial gym, outdoors on the patio gym, out back of Mama’s place in the backyard gym (you get the picture 🤪)..and you have bumper plates that need a place to go besides on the ground or in the corner floor space.
 Well, look no further than the Bumper Plate Stacker!
 I make these (yes, I weld) from heavy duty steel and the are built to hold 1200lbs. While you’ll never get 1200lbs worth of bumper plates stacked on one, you can have peace of mind that they will hold all the weight you do stack on them.  The casters are extra heavy duty and large enough for a smooth push or pull across the floor.
They can be customized to whatever color combination that you would like.

Made right here in the Carolina’s by yours truly! 
Made in the U.S.A.  


A few questions you may have and answers:

Are these powder coated? NO

Will the paint on the pole scrape? YES, but these are for storage, not for beautification. When you scratch metal to metal, something is going to scratch and you’d rather it be the pole than your weights. They are primed and painted, so easily can be touched up if you so desire.

What’s the difference between these and any of the others I see online? SUPPORT- I make them, I back them, and I stand behind my products 100%.  These are not imported, and they are made right here in the U.S. in my shop. Not to mention, if you look closely at these and the others, I have a stronger welded base. I don’t use STEM casters, I use PLATE casters. Much stronger and reliable than a stem caster which will most likely break on you at some point.

Can I get one that looks like a Candy Cane? YES, but you can’t eat it.

Can I get my name put on it like the photos? YES, personalization can be done, just let me know what you would like.

I’m thinking of pole dancing, would this work? NO. While I'd love to see it, I wouldnt attempt to do it…

If I want to ride around my gym on it like an amusement park ride, could I? YES! I have seen grown men being pushed around the gym on my Stackers….the faster you go, the more fun you have - until you hit a pothole in the floor, and then you can see how far you can fly! Makes for great views on social media platforms!

Stacker Photos

Here’s a few photos of some stackers


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