MagicSax Climbing Wall

What’s worse than just burpees?  How about burpees over a 6 foot wall!  Ok, so you don’t have to exactly use it for that, but they do throw in a new element when working out! These are excellent obstacle walls to throw into any workout or competition.  They are unique, and rarely do you see them in anything else but a Spartan-type event.
I designed these with storage space in mind.  They actually fold up “flat” to fit up against a wall so that the legs don’t get it the way when not in use.  Yes, a 6 foot by 6 foot wall that literally collapses to 12 inches thick and stands up against a wall - Magic!  No tools are required either.  Its already set up and ready for action. Very sturdy and built to last.  They are also mobile with wheels.
 “But Thomas, how do they not move if they have wheels on them!?”  Simple - they casters are special casters that collapse once they are set in place.  You flick the lever with your foot and the wall sits flat on the ground!  Want to move it? Step on the lever, the wall raises up, and you roll it to wherever you want to. It's that simple!
6 foot wall too tall? No problem -  I can make them at a standard 4 foot height if you so desire.
6 foot wall not tall enough? No problem - I can make them at an 8 foot height as well.
Basically, they can be custom made to your specifications, and in any color combination desired. 
Why not step up the training, or just have some fun?


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