The Shadow Appearance

By JC Sum
$4700.00 + Ship

“Shadow Appearance” is J C Sum’s one-person illusion appearance and opened his full solo illusion show.

The illusion can be performed in the center of an open stage. It is a completely self-contained illusion and all mechanics are activated by the person appearing on an open platform.

The illusion features J C’s original approach of a very deceptive full illusion base as well as overall prop design. The cloth-drop system is self-contained within the design of the prop and is activated from within the load chamber.
The illusion can pack completely “flat” for transport. 

Shadow Appearance

Here are a couple of different shots of the appearance


Curved Back Supports

Smoother Look


Curved Back Supports

Smoother Look


Squared Back Support option

Grid Look


Squared Back Support Option

Grid Look

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